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The Icon - Truth and Fables
I started to serialize the translation into English of my wife's book on this subject, which is already on her Live Journal.

To simplify things, rather than try and copy the articles one by one, here is a full list of where they can be found on her Live Journal.

If there is one chapter I would recommend, it is Chapter 10 'East of the Iron Curtain', which explains how the icon-painting tradition survived the Communist period by maintaining the 'inner spirit'of icon-painting in other settings.

Foreword: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/467108.html

Chapter 1 - Materials, painting technique and technology: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/467238.html

Chapter 2 - Can an icon be painted from a live model?: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/467495.html

Chapter 3 - Artists’ signatures on icons : http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/468127.html

Chapter 4 - "Reverse" perspective : http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/468333.html

Chapter 5 - Spiritual vision and the icon:  http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/468642.html

Chapter 6 - Iconographic canonicity: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/468822.html

Chapter 7 - Style in icons (part 1): http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/469319.html

Chapter 7 - Style in icons (part 2): http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/469603.html

Chapter 8 -Spiritual canonicity of the icon, spiritual physiognomy of the iconographer: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/470320.html

Chapter 9 - The iconographer’s training: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/470742.html

Chapter 10 - East of the Iron Curtain: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/470941.html

Chapter 11 -West of the Iron Curtain: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/471101.html

Chapter 12 - On the veneration of icons and the assessment of their  artistic level: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/471505.html

Chapter 13 - The icon: its true place and "theological" fables: http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/471667.html