Have one year visa - can now travel to Russia
Finally …. Three months and four days after starting the process, I now have a one-year Russian multivisa in my passport. A pile-up of delays: ‘big’ visas take a month at least in Moscow, my friend who kindly arranged it was on holiday when it arrived, the post from Moscow to Brussels took over two weeks, the friend who arranges things with the Embassy here was also away when it arrived Anyhow, I have it, and can come and go fairly freely between now and 4 May 2018.
Plans: immediate: as soon as I can after July 6 to Ioshkar Ola to do a carpentry job, possibly staying the weekend before that in Moscow.

Possibly again later in the year if wanted to help on the iconostasis project our woodworker friend from southern Russia has won with my wife’s help (she is doing the icons). Again almost certainly via Moscow.

Also to give a lecture on ‘Truth and fable on Christianity and Europe’ in Moscow sometime in the early autumn: basically an intelligent Christian’s guide to Europe, especially for those with little or no experience of Europe, i.e. the way Christians here view the political, moral and spiritual situation in Europe and their involvement in it, and to confront Christian approaches here to justice and morality with those which are current in Russia. One session is planned in Moscow, but I would be happy to repeat it in St Petersburg, Voronezh or elsewhere.

I am also keen to make contacts with the Old Believers: I sense they are an important part of the Russian ‘jigsaw puzzle’. I reckon I have 60% of the Russian jigsaw puzzle in place, but that the Old Believers could give me some important additional pieces ….


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